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11 Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety


 Dog Anxiety


2. dribble Pee round the House
once a dog is anxious, they tend to depart trails of pee as they walk. “Urine dribble or defection happens [during the] fight-or-flight response,” Dr. Turnera Croom, a holistic veterinary, tells Bustle. “The animal’s body (just like humans) produces a sympathetic systema nervosum response, that will increase epinephrin, and permits them to induce out of there. A by-product of this can be quiet of the bladder and musculus sphincter ani muscles, permitting waste to unharness.”
While it’s going to appear to be they are being dangerous or forgetting all regarding their house coaching, strive not to respond. As Dr. Croom says, “This suggests that don’t say ‘bad dog’ or yell once [they urinate] because of worry. this may simply reinforce that [they have] one thing to worry, and [they] can feed off of your anxiety.”

3. chew Everything in view
“Chewing on objects, door frames, or window sills; excavation at doors or doorways; or destroying family objects once left alone,” area unit all signs of tension, Dr. Richter says. this can be your dog’s manner of obtaining nervous energy out of her system.
But there area unit positively higher ways in which they will approach it. As Dr. Richter says, “Help alleviate their urge to gnaw by going away them with a chew toy, bone, frozen Kong, or anything they will hold and lick. Of course, ensure no matter you’re going away them is safe.”

4. Pacing
If your dog paces around the house, they will simply be bored. however, it may be a symbol of tension. “We’ve all caught ourselves pacing once anxious, and dogs have it away, too,” Dr. Richter, says. “Some pacing dogs move around in circular patterns, whereas others walk back and forth in straight lines.”
Tired dogs area unit less doubtless to feel anxious, therefore if your dog is pacing, provide them a lot of exercises. As Dr. Richter says, “You will facilitate the dog burn off that nervous energy by taking them on a protracted walk or jog.”

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