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5 stunning ways that Stress Affects Men’s Health


According to the Yankee Psychological Association, 2 of the foremost common sources of stress embody “work” and “money.”

A lot of studies that area unit undertook on the consequences of stress, a lot of we tend to learn that stress is a lot of serious than antecedently believed.

Before you sweep off stress as a traditional a part of life, here area unit the stunning and dangerous ways that stress affects men’s health and upbeat.

1.Memory Loss

Stress precipitates the discharge of the fight-or-flight endocrine that gets the body prepared for action and is instrumental in protective people from danger. once baby-faced with a dangerous scenario, the neural structure within the brain sends triggers to the adrenals through the nerves. The adrenals, in turn, unleash hormones like adrenal cortical steroid and vasoconstrictive that, among alternative things, raise your blood glucose and force per unit area levels.

Although the discharge of adrenal cortical steroid is ok if you would like to run AN armed aggressor, the gratuitous unleash of adrenal cortical steroid (caused by stress) may be harmful if it continues over AN extended amount. Such exaggerated levels of adrenal cortical steroid within the body can interfere with one’s ability to create new recollections and inhibit the effective functioning of neurotransmitters, creating it exhausting to retrieve recollections or suppose straight.

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