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Funny dogs that have been quarantined too long


Lately, it has been very easy to forget that quarantine hasn’t always been just a neighborhood of life. for instance, there was a time once we could leave the house without fear a few pandemics and that we could see our friends without fear of getting sick. Oh, it looks like it had been goodbye ago. The human brain is malleable and that we became accustomed very quickly to the present new way of life. But other animals? Not in the least. Dogs, especially, don’t seem to possess lost any of their usual strength in these recent events. This leads us to ask: will anything ever bring down these dogs?

1-That stare…

Many folks wonder what our dogs do when we’re not around. Do they walk around the house and play their favorite records? Do they run away and live crazy adventures à la secret life of pets? Maybe we’ll never know because it’s like they’re after us.


This dog was obviously pretty surprised when their owner started performing from home, resulting in the pooch giving out an intense, suspicious stare. You already know that dog wants to urge into some mischief, but can’t with their annoying human around all the time.

2-Am I next?

Quarantine may be a great time to try some extra tasks that we wouldn’t normally do, like finally washing old toys. But whatever you are doing, don’t let your dog look inside the washer when a stuffed toy is inside.

This dog seems to be scared of also having to wash, after seeing how this “bath machine” worked on his favorite stuffed animal. Aw, don’t be concerned, dog, you are not getting into the washing machine!

3- No problem! if you  Can’t leave the house?

The severity of the lockdown really depends on where you reside. Some places were never all that strict, while some just about prevented you from leaving the house entirely. this suggests that it became really hard (if not impossible) to speak your dog for a walk.

Well, some clever people out there found a loophole. Humans aren’t allowed outside, but who said anything about robots? Using their drone, this person took their dog for a walk and was ready to guide them and keep them safe. is that the future?

4-An improvised performance:

So here’s an owner who worked hard and didn’t rightly expect his cat and dog to be of any help. In fact, it’s completely predictable that their fur owners would climb to the new highest point within the room and celebrate searching while their human slaves were away.

But sometimes it’s worth letting them play, with great care you’ll catch moments like this. this is often one among those moments once you can tell why you’ve got a second pet.

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