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Funny dogs that have been quarantined too long


5-Freaked out:

We heard many stories of cats bravely climbing to high places, then got stuck because they didn’t plan how to get down, and then the firefighters had to be called to rescue the Fluffy from the tree—again.


But this is the first time we’ve seen a dog trapped in a high place like this—how did he get there? Our best guess is that being home too long with that other dog drove him crazy.

6-don’t give me that look!:

Dogs know, without a doubt, that something is occurring immediately. While it’s going to be absolutely the fantasy that some dogs always have their person reception, other dogs are a touch more insecure about it all.

They are sitting in zoom calls then are going for many hours a day and that they never get out of bed? Something isn’t making sense here.” Dogs are smarter than we give them credit! Oh, well, this guy’s likely to urge won’t to it eventually. Hey, more goodies and pets, right?

7-Your own home masseuse:

Being at work is stressful. regardless of what you are doing, you’re sure to carry some tension around in your body from doing labor. Massages are an excellent thanks to looking out of that.

But what about those folks without the funds to afford a massage whenever our body is aching? What about those folks who don’t have the time? Well, can we have an answer for you? Just train your dog to try to to it for you! Their paws won’t be the foremost dextrous, but hey, you get what you buy.

8-Someone’s got a guilty conscience:

Have you ever gotten home, only to seek out that somebody got into the pie that you simply were cooling on the kitchen counter, or that there was a roll of paper towels that were completely shredded? While it’s little question who exactly committed these heinous crimes against your household, the guilty parties aren’t exactly getting to admit to their wrongdoings.

That said, this snap shows that you simply don’t need a written confession to understand who exactly did the naughty deeds. This kitty and doggie duo are clearly those to blame!

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