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Warning Signs of inflammation and the way to Stop It


When maybe a rash, not a rash? once it’s inflammation, a reasonably common skin problem that affects the lower layers of the skin instead of the surface. Cellulitis will result in serious health problems if not diagnosed and treated early. Here is what you wish to understand concerning inflammation and the way to stop it.

What is the definition of cellulitis?

Cellulitis may be a swelling of the skin and connective tissue (deeper) tissues. even supposing it’s principally found on the arms or legs, it will infect any a part of your body, as well as the eyelids, ears, nose, or face. an equivalent bacterium that causes inflammation conjointly causes strep, solely rather than infecting the throat, it settles into the skin itself.

Fortunately, this implies that equivalent antibiotics that may treat strep may treat inflammation. It’s a reasonably customary treatment. The necessary issue is that or not it’s diagnosed early before it will unfold too so much;

Cellulitis symptoms

Does inflammation itch? Like a normal rash, inflammation itches and makes the skin red, however there area unit noticeable variations. the inflammation tends to start out or unfold on the lower legs, and on one aspect of the body rather than each.

When to stress that a rash is really inflammation? In cellulitis, the red space expands and feels heat and tender to the bit.

What will inflammation look like? inflammation feels like an outsized red patch or presumably many smaller ones that may result in blisters. Also, the skin can dimple within the affected space, creating the skin appear as if AN peel.

You may get a fever beside the infection. If your symptoms area unit spreading chop-chop, go see a doctor directly, whether or not you’ve got AN attendant fever or not. Your body fluid nodes may additionally be swollen, as your body fights the infection.

Cellulitis of the legs and arms will result in long swelling of those extremities. It will unfold to the layers below the skin (the fascial lining) resulting in skin death (necrotizing fasciitis) — that may be a major emergency. That’s why it’s necessary to diagnose and treat it as early as attainable.



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